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ORCiD + SciENcv


A digital persistent identifier (DPI), such as an ORCiD, grants scholars control of their publication and profile data throughout their career, even if they change their name or institutional affiliation. DPIs also ensure reliable citation, attribution, and linking of research outputs. ORCiD can also be linked to SciENcv to save time when building proposal documents for NSF and NIH submissions. Schedule a consultation with a GW librarian for assistance!



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Clinical & Translational Research

Gloved hands with a vaccine candidate and test tubes in a lab.



Administering Clinical Research

Support for execution and management of clinical research while ensuring the highest level of research participant safety.


Research Technology & Data Management

A room full of servers and two individuals standing in front of a wall with servers.



Ethical Conduct of Research

Researcher with robot and scholar standing in front of a whiteboard.



Conflicts of Interest

Assisting investigators in the identification of potential and actual conflicts of interest and supporting compliance with applicable regulations.


Innovation, Inventions and Startups

Student entrepreneur at the annual pitch contest and students collaborating at an entrepreneurship training.



International Research

Students and faculty group photo at Koobi Fora Field School in Kenya.



Export Controls

Supporting GW scholars whose activities have an international component.


Laboratory and Research Safety

Gloved and gowned individuals working with laboratory materials.



Library Resources and Scholarly Publishing

Research librarian conducting a training and shelves of books.



Digital Storytelling and Multimedia

Create high-quality videos, podcasts, interactive experiences, and data visualizations to communicate concepts in the online world.


Protected Subjects and Materials

Researcher in a fume hood in a GW lab.



Sponsored Projects

Researchers in a lab and in an engineering setting evaluating materials on a screen.



Project Development and Funding

Helping investigators identify funding opportunities and collaborators for large, complex, international and multi-cross-disciplinary proposals.


Proposal Preparation and Planning

Assistance with conceptualizing and managing the development of a funding proposal, and developing career-based funding roadmaps.


Students, Trainees and Postdocs

Students and trainees in laboratory and classroom settings.



Postdoc Support

Supporting the professional development of postdocs on their journey to becoming successful, independent investigators and scholars.



Research Systems and Platforms




Proposal development and sponsored award management activities.


PI Dashboard

Dashboard with summary and detailed data on financial aspects of award management.



Submit and track protocols for research involving protected subjects.



Intramural funding, limited submissions, and faculty awards.



Digital lab notebook for storing, organizing and sharing research and data.